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Raised in a home steeped in southern hospitality, I currently find my sense of self defined by these traditions. I carry these values with me as I make way in the world, attempting to recreate this sense of place to reflect the traditional southern sphere I grew up in. However, after a short time, I found myself faced with a mixture of comfort and disquiet about the spaces where I lived. These spaces lacked the warmth and atmosphere I had grown accustomed to, and left me with feelings of displacement and loss. Much like the way the spaces of my childhood were left ravaged by the hurricanes, these new spaces felt unfamiliar to me.

My work examines and challenges the traditional assumptions of security and stability of home. The images are created using relief printing from large wood blocks. This process allows me to use the texture created from the wood itself, but is also a subtle reference to protection from impending storms, as it is commonplace to board-up the windows before a hurricane. The prints are distinctly made in a large format to evoke an overwhelming sense of loss, desolation and displacement. They include images of frail looking structures, which represent myself, juxtaposed with barren landscapes, seascapes and impending storm imagery, which symbolize the emotional struggles I am faced with. The resulting compositions flood the viewer with feelings of vulnerability and despondency.


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